History of our company

We're excited to announce that Kirsen Global Security GmbH is now a featured partner on the Bosch Logistics Operating System (L.OS), bringing our specialized security solutions directly into the logistics industry. This collaboration emphasizes our commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in logistics through advanced security.

  • T-type new revisions designed and produced (T-type rev. 4.2 with LTE-M and T-type rev. 4.4 with LTE CAT 1 technology).
  • BTD new revision with 0.5 deg tolerance.
  • A-type with solar power for continuous tracking without recharge.
  • A-type number of approved airlines increased to 50.
  • The new improved and enhanced dashboard launched built on a faster and more secure engine.
  • New technology – LTE-M/NB-Iot has been implemented across our flagship devices.
  • A-Type Rev 3 is now being used by several major logistic companies.
  • A-type Rev 3 device now approved for air cargo tracking by 43 airlines.
  • Fleet growth by 30% over the year.
  • All devices can be operated with a secondary device for a Cold Supply Chain Solutions like Pharmacy or Food logistics.
  • The first prototype of a security device 'F-type' to detect door events on any truck, trailer, swap body, and many more in Q1. Zero series in Q2.
  • Intelligent new high-frequency tracking mode for global SC visibility: Optimal battery life and close tracking on land.
  • Entering the 14th year of partnership with DB Schenker.
  • A-type device now approved for air cargo tracking by 24 airlines.
  • Product launch of the A-Type Rev 3: adds a laser (door) sensor, light sensor and Wifi positioning.
  • Renewal of the exclusive partnership with DB Schenker.
  • Implementation of API interfaces to customer systems.
  • New contract with a European multinational industrial giant.
  • Major increase of monitoring services of supply chains east- and westbound on rail services to China and Europe with the efficient 't-type'.
  • 12 Airlines approved the A-type device already.
  • Launch of the T-type : One device serves all containers (reefer and dry), optionally with an additional Bluetooth device for adding a second measurement point.
  • Product launch of the A-Type: 10Ah battery, global SIM card, flight mode for any loading unit and across all modes of transports.
  • Test and launch of first prototypes with GPS outside of the container, sensor box inside, door open detection and installation in less than 10 seconds.
  • Start the development of a parcel tracker with superior battery life and air freight compliance.
Start of a joint project to develop a new device for the special use case rail transport on silk road.
Renewal of the exclusive partnership contract with DB Schenker, the world's 2nd largest LSP.
  • KGS launches a new product for better controlling the pharmaceutical supply chain and supply cool chains: Two sensors inside of a reefer container report the temperature.
  • New contract with a pharmaceutical company transporting high value and temperature sensitive cargo across the globe.
  • Major business award for a high security transports with highest standards. Kirsen was selected as the only supplier to meet the requirements.
  • New solution for 2 measurement points inside of reefer containers in development
  • New series of the S-class container monitoring system with 3D Impact sensor.
  • Extension of tracking China trains including law enforcement for intrusion alerts with Bosch 24/7 security center
  • Monitoring the first train connection from China to Europe
  • First concept for device logisitcs and device round trips
Establishing headquarters in Berlin, Germany after signing the exclusive contract with DB Schenker
Winning DB Schenker competitive technology tests against Siemens, GE, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, and many others
Founding of Kirsen Global Security
Kickoff initial pilots with major shipping lines