Container Security is highly relevant

Globalization - a powerful force of change in our lives – is made possible by efficient, effective, and secure logistics. The iconic symbol for globalization could be the cargo container -- sometimes called the Twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) – 650 million of which pass through the world’s ports annually. That figure grows by 10% every year.

The shipping industry faces three major challenges in moving these containers.

  • Shipment and cargo integrity.
    Goods worth $10 billion to $50 billion a year are lost every year in high-value cargo theft just in the United States. This theft drives up insurance premiums and the related costs.
  • Operating efficiency and effectiveness.
    A lack of visibility into shipments moving through the supply chain often result in less than optimal use of resources, and people and factories sit idle waiting on delayed shipments.
  • Terrorist threats.
    The global logistics network is vulnerable to attack by terrorists, who could interrupt the flow of commerce. A cost-effective solution to monitor security is essential, to prevent businesses spending too much (or too little) on adequate protection.

KGS’s Container Monitoring System provides a cost-effective solution against theft, delay and terrorism.

To read more about the background of container monitoring and its benefits click here for a white paper from the Technical University of Berlin authored by Prof. Dr. Helmut Baumgarten and Christian Bogatu (in English)