KGS Container Monitoring System overview

KGS takes a wholistic approach to container monitoring

We work closely with clients to create a custom solution that goes far beyond simply adding sensors and communication capabilities to cargo containers.

Real-time monitoring technology

Kirsen’s container monitoring system features the latest state-of-the-art sensor and communication technology to provide you with the most capable, reliable and cost-effective solution possible.

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Processes / Integration

Our hardware and software systems integrate with your IT systems, allowing you to know at all times where your cargo is and allowing you to intervene in the event of delay or intrusion.

Kirsen can also take care of all the additional processes connected with our container monitoring system, such as reverse logistics, installation, customs procedures, etc.

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Reporting / Business case analysis

Our customized reporting capabilities allow you to create your own report based on the features that you, your management, your customers and regulatory bodies would like to be informed about.

In addition, Kirsen can analyze in detail your specific business case and help you define the best suitable solution to your needs

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When an intrusion attempt is detected, it is important to be able to act immediately. Kirsen's system can integrate with security agencies in most places around the globe, offering you full security and peace of mind when it comes to your cargo’s security.

Benefits realization

Kirsen is the expert when it comes to helping you realize benefits of real-time monitoring, from reduced insurance premiums to marketing advantages of using cutting-edge technology.

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