Customer benefits

KGS' container monitoring solutions offer you multiple benefits in four specific areas

  • Detection & Security
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Marketing

Detection & Security

  • Reduce the risk of theft
    KGS’s Container Monitoring Device (CMD) is equipped with door, motion, and light sensors that detect intrusion attempts. Upon detection, the CMD immediately alerts our Network Operation Center, which can then react appropriately – for example, by contacting the party responsible for the cargo at its current whereabouts. KGS is integrated with worldwide security services which can dispatch local security and/or law enforcement.
  • Lower insurance premiums by up to 30%
    KGS’s container monitoring solution can substantially reduce your insurance premium - by up to 30%. Insurers value the reduced risk of theft as well as the ability to pinpoint responsibility if something goes wrong with the shipment. The detailed information recorded by the CMD allows for more effective claims management.
  • Confidently invest in new markets
    Low labor costs, export subsidies, and attractive foreign direct investment conditions in some developing markets offer interesting opportunities to reduce the cost of components and manufacturing. In many cases, however, doing business in these markets incurs a greater risk of theft, deterring companies from making investments that could help develop these markets. Real-time monitoring of cargo mitigates against this theft, allowing you to capture new opportunities in global sourcing.

Tracking & Tracing

  • Reduce stock and working capital
    KGS’ real-time container monitoring system delivers a transparent view of your shipments, enabling better logistics and inventory planning. This reduces the need to maintain high levels of stock and can significantly reduce the need for working capital.
  • Prevent out-of-stock situations
    Knowing that your cargo has been delayed allows you to react —for example by contacting your logistics provider to discuss ways to speed up your shipment or send a new expedited shipment (by air freight if necessary), to keep a customer satisfied or a facility operating.
  • Reduce warehousing facilities
    Reducing stock levels means you can reduce your warehousing capacity.

Compliance and Regulation

  • Be ready for Green Lanes
    Green Lanes at customs around the world are not yet fully implemented. As they come online, smart containers, such as those equipped with the KGS container monitoring system, will clear border controls faster, saving time and money.
  • Ensure continuous operation in case of terror event
    In the event of a terror attack, containers with smart technology are likely to be the first ones moving again.
  • Prevent infiltration by terrorists or human traffickers
    Integrated motion sensors detect any activity inside a container, preventing any infiltration of terrorists or human trafficking.


  • Ensure on-time delivery with end-to-end cargo visibility
    Real-time visibility into your shipment’s location allows you to guarantee on-time delivery to your customers since it empowers you to take corrective action in time.
  • Guarantee cargo security through innovation
    Adopting KGS’s state-of-the-art monitoring technology signals to your customers that you’re serious about innovation – and the security of your and their products.
  • Enjoy peace of mind
    Knowing where your shipment is and what condition it’s in delivers peace of mind that’s difficult to put a price on. The benefit extends to customers who know that if something goes wrong, KGS’s container monitoring service puts you in the position to arrange for the necessary intervention.