KGS Monitoring Systems

KGS offers three basic levels of monitoring, all of them are available for dry and reefer containers. The S-class system for reefer containers offers multiple measurement points through an additional Bluetooth sensor box. All monitoring systems work with GPRS / cellular network or satellite (optional).

  • Our flagship S-class systems monitor location, intrusions, and temperature, as well as other details about the condition and position of the container (see table for more details).
  • The S-class for reefer containers comes along with an additional Bluetooth sensor box which measures temperature and humidity inside of the container. 
  • Our E-class systems track and report the location of containers, as well as intrusions and temperature.
  • Our A-class systems track and report the location of containers.

In addition, we offer solutions tailored to your needs and applications – simply reach out to us to discuss how we can help you.

Our KGS Webterminal puts you in control

Kirsen can monitor your cargo, but for those who would like a little more control the KGS Webterminal, our secure web-based administration tool, lets you track your cargo in real time.

  • Alerts you via email or SMS to unusual events, such as intrusion attempts or critical temperature fluctuations.
  • Allows you to change parameters, such as alarm thresholds or frequency of status reports.
  • Integrates with your IT system.

Let us know if you’d like a test account to familiarize yourself with the system. We welcome the chance to discuss your needs and tailor a solution to meet them.